Online gaming cannot be approached with “it’s like” model. It’s not like telecoms, it’s not like e-commerce, it’s not like anything else.

Regardless of the brand/wallet size - there is no universal formula for a successful launch of an e-gaming property. Don’t get misleaded.

E-gaming operators must learn and teach their staff to love the players. They must make sure the players do really feel loved. It's possible.

Public has been relentlessly conditioned not to trust e-gaming. Now we have to be twice as relentless in conditioning them to trust us.

I'm for brutal competition but e-gaming companies shouldn't want their competitors to fail in the areas of Trustability & problem gambling.

If you want to keep your players, make sure your Service Reps really love your company. Unless they do, they won't care if you get hurt.

Success is rarely an accident. Even if you're making the progress you aimed for, you're always capable of faster and more sustainable growth.

Often a player expects to be mugged by an online gaming company and he will be most delighted should he be hugged instead.

It's been suggested to never ascribe to malice what can adequately be explained by stupidity. To play safe – do the other way around.

Player facing specialists in your company should remember Aristotle's: "Think as the wise men do, but speak as the common people do."

When things seem to be under control, it may simply mean that your company is not moving aggressively enough.

You will not profit from praise. You will profit from criticism.

The problem with common sense - it's not very common. No academic degree can cure the lack of common sense & the surplus of overconfidence.

The passion for treating the player as a unique human being translates into a revenue source - one that’s continuous and renewable.

Make a serious effort and see the human being behind all the data and technology. Learning to love your players can lead to serious profits.

In radio, a second of silence can be deafening. The same is true with social networks. If you can’t afford to be active – don’t go there.