Customer Service Training

Achieve exceptional levels of player retention and acquisition. Your player facing specialists are very powerful. Use their power to acquire and retain players. Make sure they don't use their unchecked power to cause you unnecessary anguish.

We offer a unique course developed specifically for e-gaming customer service with emphasis on building a profitable and sustainable relationship with players.

We’ll teach your player facing staff how to find creative resolutions in any challenging situation.

We don’t teach what everyone already knows. We don’t recycle common knowledge.
Our lessons are based on your experience with your customers. We study your player facing operations and show how to:

  • Develop deeper relationships
  • Build credibility
  • Build loyalty
  • Facilitate problem solving
  • Avoid needless arguments
  • Reduce hurt feelings of your customers and your colleagues
  • Negotiating without diminishing the other person
  • Manage conflicts without escalating them
  • Turn around difficult personalities
  • Handle insults, sarcasm, and other abuse without being emotionally entrapped
  • Listen better and make customers feel understood and appreciated
  • Understand players from other cultures
  • Respond to feedback and criticism appropriately
  • Overcome anger, fear or shyness
  • Unleash creativity
  • Improve teamwork
  • Save time, energy, and increase productivity
  • Solicit helpful advice
  • and more…